Caught Off Guard By Snow

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Oh snow. So pretty in pictures. Not so much for driving. Growing up in an area that gets snow several months of the year. I’ve learned to be prepared for crazy weather. Crazy weather meant that within 3 hours of a storm being predicted on the weather report, the store shelves would be empty. No bread, milk, eggs. All the good snack food would be gone by then too.

When we moved to the hurricane bullseye of the US, aka Charleston, I quickly realized being prepared would still be a good skill to have. A couple weeks ago, we got hit by snow. Actual snow. 6 inches of snow to be exact. For a place that almost never sees weather like this, it shut the area down.

Being Prepared, Even For Snow

Coming from the e-prep industry, I’m always suggesting to people to get prepared. Now, I’m not saying you need to buy a bunker but a little bit of preparedness goes a long way.

One of the easiest ways to be prepared for life is food storage. Having just a little extra food on hand can keep issues from turning into a crisis. I saw several posts in the local mom’s group about people not having food. One mom asked if any of the pizza places were delivering. The thread got absolutely nasty. She got ripped apart for not having food. The roads were so bad that nobody was out on them. She got ripped apart again for expecting someone to come out to bring her food. It was terrible.

It’s so easy to keep a little extra food on hand. I always teach this in my Mastering Mealtime Workshops.

  • Each time you go to the store, add a couple extra pantry items in your cart. Pick up an extra bag of flour or an extra container of salt. Grab an extra box of pasta. These extras will add up.

Stock up on your favorites when they go on sale. I’m a huge fan of a certain brand of tomato soup. It’s the only kind of commercial soup I eat. Everything else is homemade. This soup normally runs just under $2 per can. A couple times a year I can catch it for $1 per can. When it’s $1 per can, I stock up. I call the grocery manager at the beginning of the sale and pick up 100 cans with the next delivery that week. You don’t have to grab an extra 100, pick up a couple extras each time you can. We can easily go through that 100 over the next year.

You don’t have to buy 100 cans of soup, just pick up a couple extra to keep on hand just in case. You never know what might happen.

How do you prepare for emergencies?



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