PowerSheets Progress: August Recap & September Goals

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2018 started with much more hope than previous years. I felt much more prepared, organized and ready to take on life. I got off to a running start and had put so much on my own plate, I completely burned myself out. PowerSheets can be very effective in reaching my goals, that’s why I bought them. Putting them into place is another issue. I thought by posting them, it would give me a little extra accountability. So, without further ado…


I like to start each month with a fresh new outlook. I’ll be giving you an update on my goals and what I was able to accomplish last month, save a few details I will keep private.

Powersheets Progress: August Recap

Back in August, I decided my slump was over and I was going to put these PowerSheets into play in my life. I had spent the last half of the spring and most of the summer aimlessly trying to figure out what I was trying to accomplish this year. At the beginning of the year, I was determined to get this blog up and running but it’s still a work in progress. I know most of the problem is I’ve been aimlessly trying to hit a target. Refusing to give up, I got them back out of the bottom drawer in my desk and started small.

Monthly Goals

Finish homeschool plan for next year :: Check

Weekly Goals

Meal plan & grocery order :: 2 out of 4, I can keep on track with my budget when I make this a weekly priority
Weekly Review & planning :: eh… still working on this one
Sabbath rest & digital detox :: I firmly believe that Sundays were made for Jesus, naps and Sunday Gravy. Still working on implementing this one.

Daily Goals

8 glasses of water :: this was a struggle. I managed to give up my Coca-Cola addiction last month and I have been drinking a ton of water since. I wasn’t very good at tracking it though.
Daily planning :: 10 of 31 days, 15 minutes at the end of the day can make a huge difference.
Eat breakfast :: this seems like a big struggle for many people, myself included
Exercise :: we’ll just skip this one

Powersheets Progress: September Goals

This month, I’m determined to make some major changes. I feel like I’ve gained some major clarity on the direction I want to go. Daily progress will be a major element in reaching them.

Monthly Goals

Finish mapping out 40 blog posts :: As I’m writing this, my blog is still not technically published. My plan was to launch it at the beginning of 2018 and we’re now in September, still not fully launched. I want to have a minimum of 40 posts to actually get this rolling. Working on 2019 now, send prayers.
Kayla’s baby shower :: One of my fellow boss moms is having a baby next month! My monthly Girl Boss meet up is throwing her a baby sprinkle. I’m excited to be helping to plan this.
Read, Start With Why by Simon Sinek :: I bought this a few months back and it’s been sitting on my desk. I want to get through it this month.
Oily dinner with the girls :: My Young Living tribe wants to get together for dinner this month

Weekly Goals

Month to month, my weekly and daily goals don’t change much. I’m hoping the progress I’m able to make does.
Meal plan & grocery order :: I’ve already created a meal plan for the entire month. Half of the battle has already been won!
Weekly review & planning :: I’ve created a Weekly Review checklist in Trello. I have it scheduled in my planner for 2 p.m. each Friday.
Sabbath rest & digital detox :: We’re having a family meeting on this one tonight. My family has to start preparing ahead so that we can enjoy Sunday rest.

Daily Goals

8 glasses of water
Daily planning
Eat breakfast
Morning prayer time

I’ll let you know how it goes! Have you tried PowerSheets yet?

2018 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner

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