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Why I Meal Plan & Why You Should Start

I view meal planning as an absolute necessity for a sane life. Meal planning can save you so much time and money.

Meal planning can save you money in a few ways.

It eliminates the need and expense for take out and the local drive thru windows. If you know you have food ready at home to just pop in the oven or pull out of the slow cooker, you wont be as tempted to grab greasy, unhealthy food on the way home.

It also allows you to shop the sale ads. Are chicken breasts on sale this week? It might be a good idea to pull out your favorite chicken recipes. Is there a really good sale on pork tenderloin? It’s a great time to whip out the crock pot and make some pulled pork sandwiches!

I will use those sale ads to stock up. If I find a great buy on barbecue sauce/pasta/tomato soup, etc. I stock up! A couple times a year, I find pasta for a great price, last time it was .59 a box, I will buy 100+ boxes of pasta. I prefer homemade tomato basil soup but let’s face it, I don’t always have time to make it from scratch. It is normally just under $2 per can but when it goes on sale for $1 per can, I buy 100 and stock my pantry.

Once you start to stock your pantry, you can start to shop your pantry. This alone can start to make an impact on your grocery budget. If you normally have a spaghetti dinner on Sunday afternoons like we do, you will be having spaghetti for about 1/2 the cost you normally would. This will really start to add up!

Meal planning can also save you time!

Are you a busy mom? Ha! I know you are. We’re all busy moms. It doesn’t matter if you have little or teens, they will keep you busy all day. You don’t have time to drop everything and run out to the store.  It will save unnecessary trips to the store in the middle of the week because you ran out of something. It will also save you lots of frustration at 5pm trying to figure out how long it will take to thaw the chicken you just dug out of the back of the freezer before the kids have a meltdown.

You can check out my meal planning process here.

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